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Fundamental Concepts of Geometry Part II

Monday, March 5, 2012
  12 a.m.–Noon

Location: Online
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Category: Training


Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometric concepts including polygon relationships, patterns of polygons (tessellations), measurement (length, area and volume), motions, magnification and similarity, topology, and number patterns

Instructor: Gene Melcher

Credit: 4 units

Location: Online

Date/Time: Mar 5-31

Fee: $545

MATH X415.2

Enroll online or contact Student Services at (951) 827-4105 or toll-free (800) 442-4990. Refer to Section 113-EDC-C11.

Additional Information: Fundamental Concepts of Geometry Part II

Open to: General Public
Admission: Reservations Required: $545
Sponsor: UCR Extension

Contact Information:
LaVonne Patterson
(951) 827-1658