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Bioinformatics Workshop: Web-based Analysis of Next Generation Sequence Data

Rebecca Sun & Thomas Girke

Monday, December 10, 2012
  2–6 p.m.

Location: Genomics Building Genomics Auditorium, RM 1102A
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Category: Training

Description: Description: This workshop will introduce basic NGS data analysis routines using the web-based Galaxy environment. It will include the following topics: (1) assessment of read qualities; (2) read trimming and filtering routines; (3) aligning reads to reference genomes; (4) generation of read counts for RNA-Seq data; (5) peak calling for ChIP-Seq experiments and (6) visualization routines of read pileups along with annotation information using the freely and very easy-to-use IGV genome browser from the Broad Institute. The material will be useful for both complete beginners and intermediate users (e.g. attended previous R workshop on NGS data analysis). No special computer knowledge is required for this workshop.Manual for this workshop 
Maximum number of participants: 40

How to sign up: send chosen workshop date, your name, email address, title of your position, lab affiliation (PI) and department information to

Registration fee*: no charge for participants from registered labs, $23 for UCR members, $75 for participants from external academic institutions, and $102 for participants from commercial institutions.

Laptop requirements: Participants will work during the course from their own laptops (Win, Mac or Linux) with a recent web browser preinstalled. A functional wireless connection will be essential.

Open to: General Public
Admission: Entry Charge:
Sponsor: Institute for Integrative Genome Biology

Contact Information:
Guille Vallejo