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Choreographies of War and Conflict Series

Tuesday, March 5, 2013
  4:10–5:40 p.m.

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Location: Athletics & Dance Building Dance Studio Theatre, ATHD 102
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Category: Colloquium


DANCE 280 - Current Topics in Dance Research

Choreographies of War and Conflict
Jens Richard Giersdorf, coordinator

Since the end of the Cold War, commentators increasingly agree that the world has moved away from wars of the so-called “great powers” that dominated the 20th century, and toward what are often termed “asymmetrical” wars. These wars tend to include civilian combatants as well as trained soldiers and are represented by a variety of conflicts such as insurgencies, counter-insurgencies, revolutions, rebel uprisings, and civil wars. From a viewpoint of corporeal agency, this colloquium enters into the debates surrounding asymmetrical wars, by critiquing established theories through an examination of the complex relationship between choreographed movement and war. That choreography is central to war is demonstrated in practices ranging from soldiers’ training to the rituals of peace signings, from the carefully worked out trajectories of drones to the players’ maneuvers in digital war games, from public demonstrations against the state to the response of police and armies. Viewing war through choreography is also significant because it shifts the focus of study away from the abstractions of military theory and policy to corporeal agency on all sides of war, including the structure and performance of spectacles of war and terror, the physical response—artistic and pedestrian—to war, and the support of or resistance to particular conflicts.

Jan 22    Yutian Wong, Assistant Professor, San Francisco State University, School of Music and Dance
I Love a Parade: Race and Post-Cold War Communism

Jan 29    Janet O’Shea, Associate Professor, UCLA, Department of World Arts and Cultures
From Temple to Battlefield: Bharata Natyam in Sri Lanka

Feb 5     Ronak Kapadia, UC President’s Postdoctoral Fellow, UCR, Department of Ethnic Studies
How to Shoot An Iraqi: US Drone Strikes and Wafaa Bilal’s Queer Calculus of Pain

Feb 12     Ruth Hellier-Tinoco, Assistant Professor, UCSB, Department of Music
Corpse-messaging, Polar Bears, and Timboctou: the Mexico/U.S. drug wars


Feb 19    Derek Burrill, Associate Professor, UCR, Department of Media and Cultural Studies

“There’s a Soldier in All of Us”: Choreographing Virtual Recruitment

Feb 26    Victoria Phillips, Ph.D. Candidate, Columbia University, Department of History
Performing the Cold War: Dance and Diplomacy

Mar 5    Constanze Schellow, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Bern, Switzerland, Department of Dance
Evil eye of the authorium vs. aesthetics of response-ability?
Re-regarding the pain of others in the ‘wars on spectatorship’ of European dance theory
Parking: $6 permits at the University Kiosk

Open to: Campus Only
Admission: Free
Sponsor: Dance Department

Contact Information:
Kathy DeAtley
(951) 827-3245