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UCR AIR Immigration Summit

Saturday, March 16, 2013
  8 a.m.–5 p.m.

Location: Highlander Union Building
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Category: Conference


The goal of the summit’s organizers, which are primarily the students enrolled in Armando Navarro’s UCR class on Chicano Studies—and as part of their course work, is to create a national forum for discussing, designing, and putting forth a comprehensive and coordinated plan for realizing immigration reform in 2013.


The members of the UCR Alliance on Immigration Reform (AIR) (Navarro’s students’) have undertaken the organizing challenges of facilitating this National Leadership Summit. AIR’s goal is to establish a non-partisan setting for advocates of immigration reform designed to pave the way for meaningful humane immigration reform this year. In addition to the 400 persons in attendance, comprised of national, state, and local political and organizational leaders, they have also extended an invitation to President Barack Obama.


AIR, a multi-ethnic/racial alliance of students, is requesting your support in educating our nation on the positive effects of humane immigration reform by sharing your ideas on what collectively we must do to ensure immigration policy that is designed to build communities and not destroy families. Our community is in dire need of leadership that will help put forth legislation that will remove barriers preventing community wellbeing.

Open to: General Public
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Sponsor: Chicano Student Programs

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