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LGBT Resource Center Tuesday Talk

Tuesday, February 21, 2017
  5–6 p.m.

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Location: Costo Hall 245
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Category: Meeting

Description: 1/17 - Fluidity Talk - 
This supportive discussion group is for students and their allies to talk about the genderqueer, bisexual, trangender, queer and questioning communities, or the need for any labels around sexual orientation or gender identity. 

1/24 - Let's talk about Labels & Language - 
This supportive discussion group is for LGBTQ people and their allies to share experiences around self-labeling and the language we discover, create or reject to express our most authentic selves within the queer community. 

1/31 - Grrrl Talk - 
Lesbian, bisexual, queer, and questioning women and their allies are invited to join a supportive discussion group. 

2/7 - Guy Talk - 
Gay, bisexual, and questioning men and their allies are invited to join a supportive discussion group. 

2/14- QPOC Talk - 
The QPOC Tuesday Talks Discussion Group is recommended for self-identified people of color to explore multiple identities and the intersections of race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender identity. 

2/21 - Let’s Have a KiKi - 
This is a general discussion and open to all. Bring your questions; bring your concerns. 

2/28 - Let's talk about Gender Presentation in Fashion - 
It can be really hard to find clothing that does not fall into traditional gender roles and categories. Join us for a supportive discussion on how we navigate the fashion industry, shopping and the choices we make for the sake of fashion in queer culture. 

3/7 - Ace & Arrow Talk 

This supportive discussion group is recommended for self-identified asexual & aromantic people and their allies to explore the complexities and marginalization of these identities, and how they intersect with the rest of the LGBT spectrum. *This meeting is not open to students attending events for class credit.

3/14 - Let’s Talk About Sex! - 
Students of all sexual orientations and gender identities are welcome to join us for a frank discussion about sex and sexuality.

Additional Information:

Open to: General Public
Admission: Free
Sponsor: LGBT Resource Center

Contact Information:
Megan Rush