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Second Partial Differential Equations & Applied Math: "Gradient Recovery For Elliptic Interface Problem "

Dr. Hailong Guo, UCSB

Wednesday, February 1, 2017
  3:10–4 p.m.

Location: Surge Building 268
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Category: Seminar


In this talk, we present two types of novel gradient recovery methods for elliptic interface problem: 1. Finite element methods based on body-fitted mesh; 2. Immersed finite element methods. Due to the lack of regularity of solution at interface, standard gradient recovery methods fail to give superconvergent results, and thus will lead to over-refinement when served as a posteriori error estimator. This drawback is overcome by designing an immersed gradient recovery operator in our methods. We analyze the superconvergence of these methods, and provide several numerical examples to verify the superconvergence and its robustness as a posteriori error estimator. 

Additional Information: PDE&AM

Open to: General Public
Admission: Free
Sponsor: Mathematics

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