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Interdisciplinary Seminar on Mathematical and Computational Modeling

Ali Nematbakhsh, Department of Bioengineering, UC Riverside

Monday, April 3, 2017
  12:10–1:10 p.m.

Location: Surge Building 268
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Category: Seminar

Description: Multicellular development depends in large part on the growth, patterning and morphogenesis of epithelial sheets. How individual epithelial cells coordinate tissue-scale processes is still poorly understood due to the inherent complexity of emergent systems-level behavior. Testing hypothetical novel biophysical mechanisms across spatial scales requires computational models that can span subcellular to tissue levels. We will describe in this talk novel multi-scale modeling environment called Epi-Scale for simulating epithelial tissue mechanics based on the Subcellular Element (SCE) modeling approach. Epi-Scale explicitly simulates the separate mechanical contributions of multiple cellular components. Computational implementation of the model is based on an efficient parallelization algorithm that utilizes clusters of Graphical Processing Units (GPUs) for simulating large numbers of cells within a reasonable computational time. As an example of predictive power of the model we have studied mitotic rounding (MR) before cell division which ss critical for the robust segregation of chromosomes into daughter cells, and is frequently perturbed in cancerous cells. Regression analysis of parameters involved in mitotic rounding reveals relative contributions of osmotic pressure, cell-cell adhesion and cortical stiffness to the roundness and expansion of cells before division.

Additional Information: ISMCM

Open to: General Public
Admission: Free
Sponsor: Mathematics

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