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"What is 'Elementary' Number Theory? From Hilbert to Gödel and on to Fermat's Last Theorem"

Dr. Colin McLarty, Case Western Reserve University

Wednesday, April 12, 2017
  3:40–5 p.m.

Location: Surge Building 284
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Category: Colloquium

Description: Hilbert had a brilliant idea about set theory and really all mathematics beyond strictly finite arithmetic.  He made a mistake that only a great genius could make, and by it he created a major part of modern logic.  But Gödel proved it was a mistake indeed.  Some things Hilbert considered obvious about elementary arithmetic (and you might too, when you first think about them) are actually not true.   This talk describes the vistas that Hilbert opened, and Gödel opened wider, and relates them to the specific topic of proofs of Fermat's Last Theorem.

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Open to: General Public
Admission: Free
Sponsor: Mathematics

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