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Entomology ENTM250 Seminar - Ruud Schilder

“Integrative studies of life history effects on insect flight performance.”

Monday, January 8, 2018
  4:10–5 p.m.

Location: Genomics Building 1102A
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Category: Seminar

Description: Abstract: Studies of animal locomotor performance do not often examine natural variation in this trait.  Yet for many species, it is variation in locomotor performance that determines who succeeds under the naturally selective processes that drive individual fitness outcomes (e.g., the ability to secure a mate and produce offspring). This may be particularly true for animals whose fecundity crucially depends on their ability to interact with their environment while in flight. Ongoing work in my laboratory examines biotic- and abiotic factors that affect physiological mechanisms that mediate variation in male dragonfly flight- and flight muscle performance throughout life history. The naturally occurring experiment that has driven much of this work is an intestinal protozoan infection that in dragonflies results in a disease syndrome akin to mammalian diabetes and obesity. Susceptibility of adult dragonflies to this infection is highly variable in nature, and appears to be dependent on the chemical composition of the environment dragonflies encounter. In this talk I will integrate previously published and new data derived from this system to show how dragonfly larval life history appears to ultimately determine adult locomotor performance outcomes in the context of this host-parasite interaction. In addition, I will briefly discuss how this project has recently driven the development of a new research direction in my lab focused on mechanisms controlling interactions between thermal and locomotor performance in flying insects.

Open to: Faculty/Staff Only
Admission: Free
Sponsor: Entomology Department

Contact Information:
Paige MD McGee
(951) 827-5192