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January 2018

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Concert: Winter 2018 Weekday Carillon Recitals
Seminar: Baoning Wu and Xueying Zhao
Seminar: Entomology ENTM250 Seminar - Ruud Schilder
Colloquium: Dr. Nathan Perlmutter, Stanford
Lecture: Ramiro Torres Campos Talk, University of Cincinnati Law School
Seminar: The Failure of Governance in Bell, California: Big-time Corruption in a Small Town
Lecture: School of Medicine lecture series
Colloquium: Exploring Neutrino Territory: Using LArTPC Technology
Lecture: Boyd Deep Canyon lecture series
Seminar: CEPCEB Seminar Speaker - Dr. Andrea Eveland
Reception: Art on the Edge
Seminar: Water Use During a Highly-Publicized Drought: What Matters for Conservation?
Seminar: Algebraic Geometry: "Learning seminar on multiplier ideals"
Outreach: Roe vs. Wade: 45 Years and Counting
Lecture: Electing Leaders: Risks inherent in the democratic process
Colloquium: Dr. Olga Turanova, UCLA
Meeting: David Caron, USC
Meeting: Tuesday Talk - Winter Schedule
Lecture: Alien Worlds: UCR's Cosmic Frontier
Lecture: Alien Worlds - UCR’s Cosmic Frontier
Fundraising: Book Sale
Meeting: NGS Sample Prep User Meeting
Seminar: Combinatorial Number Theory: "Subspaces in difference sets in vector spaces"
Lecture: Emory Elliott Award: Charmaine Craig
Outreach: Student Success Center Open Forum
Concert: Wednesday@Noon Lecture/Recital - Jeffrey Jacob: Crumb’s Makrokosmos
Seminar: Cal Poly one-year Master’s Program Info Session
Outreach: Lgbtrc Grad Coffee Social
Colloquium: Dr. Matthew Durham, Yale
Lecture: Electing Leaders**event postponed**
Concert: Jeffrey Jacob Piano Recital
Training: Quantitative Real Time PCR Workshop
Training: Real Talk about Sexual Harassment
Colloquium: The Chiral Magnetic Effect in Hot QCD
Lecture: Panio Gianopoulos
Seminar: Differential Geometry: "The antipodes and a conjecture of H. Steinhaus"
Meeting: Feminist Fridays
Seminar: Graduate Student Seminar: "The Philosophical Science of Logic"
Colloquium: Dr. Michael Ehrig, University of Sydney
Colloquium: Dr. Lucia Di Cerbo, Stony Brook University
Gathering: Math Club: "Musical intervals and rational approximation"
Lecture: Film: American Promise
Performance: R 'Kids Ballet Folklorico
Lecture: Film: American Promise
Concert: Winter 2018 Weekday Carillon Recitals
Seminar: Kelden Pehr and Aaron Martinez
Colloquium: Dr. Renato Bettiol, University of Pennsylvania
Seminar: Entomology ENTM250 Seminar - John Thompson
Seminar: Lie Theory: "Category $\mathcal{O}$ and Mixed Geometry"
Colloquium: Dr. Bobby Wilson, MIT
Lecture: Women in Green: Challenges in the Military
Colloquium: Dr. Tarik Aougab, Brown University
Meeting: Robert Gaines, Pomona College
Meeting: Tuesday Talk - Winter Schedule
Lecture: The Indian Medical Service
Seminar: Combinatorial Number Theory: "Distribution of Descents in Matchings"
Lecture: Wednesday@Noon Lecture - Kiko Mora. Spanish Music in the US Early Recording Industry
Seminar: A Multidimensional Model to Explain Violent Extremism
Seminar: Media in Performance Workshop
Colloquium: Dr. Faramarz Vafaee, Cal Tech
Screening: Art doc: Levitated Mass
Lecture: Genealogies of Knowledge: Reading Gsan yig/Thob yig Literature
Outreach: UAG School of Medicine Information Table
Seminar: IIGB Seminar Speaker - Dr. Sarah O'Connor
Seminar: Graduate Student Seminar: "Blowing Things Up with Pinchuk and Frankel"
Lecture: Genealogies of Knowledge: Reading Gsan yig/Thob yig Literature
Audition: Inaugural Oaxacan Philharmonic Banda Audition
Concert: Winter 2018 Weekday Carillon Recitals
Seminar: Logan Magad-Weiss
Meeting: Wilfred Elders, UCR
Meeting: Tuesday Talk - Winter Schedule
Seminar: Making the New College Town: How Preparation and Partnerships Transformed Kent, Ohio
Concert: Wednesday@Noon Lecture/Performance - Introduction to Iranian Classical Music
Conference: Encuentros/Encounters 2018
Screening: ENCUENTROS/ENCOUNTERS Lecture by Nelson Orringer. Screening of