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June 2017

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     Meeting: HBMC Scientific Advisory Committee Meeting
Seminar: Algebraic Geometry: "New examples and non-examples of Mori Dream Spaces when blowing up toric surfaces"
Seminar: Math Undergraduate Research Project Presentations
Seminar: Mathematical Physics & Dynamical Systems: "Boundary amenability of groups via ultrapowers”
Meeting: HBMC Scientific Advisory Committee Meeting
Seminar: Differential Geometry: "The Bartnik-Bray outer mass of small spheres"
Seminar: Chris Gentile & Logan Magad-Weiss
Seminar: Speaker: Sakhrat Khizroev, Florida International University
Seminar: Dissertation Defense: "Geometry and Topology of Some Fake Projective Spaces"
Seminar: Special Astroparticle and High Energy Physics Seminar - Tommi Tenkanen
Seminar: Dissertation Defense: "Semistar operations on integral domains and mutiplicative lattices"
Seminar: Dissertation Defense: "Integrable representations of equivariant map algebras associated with Borel-de Siebenthal pairs"
Seminar: Algebraic Geometry: "Short research presentations"
Colloquium: Physics & Astronomy Colloquium - Raphael Flauger
Seminar: Differential Geometry: "Exotic components of representation varieties for surface groups, and their Higgs bundle avatars"
Seminar: Dissertation Defense: "On Tensor Products of Demazure Modules for sl2[t]"
Seminar: Dissertation Defense: "Information Gathering on Bounded Degree Trees and Properties of Random Matrices"
Seminar: CEPCEB Seminar Dr. Xiaofeng Cao
Outreach: IIGB Core Open House