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October 2017

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Seminar: Pete Sadler
Seminar: Secondary astrophysical production of anti-deuteron and anti-Helium3 cosmic ray
Seminar: “Of Encarsia and Cardinium: Tales from the SYMBIOCONTROL project”
Seminar: Thermal inclusions: how one spin can destroy a many-body localized phase
Colloquium: The conformal bootstrap: magnets, boiling water, and quantum gravity
Seminar: Differential Geometry: "Geometries Induced by Logarithmic Oscillations"
Seminar: CEPCEB Seminar Speaker - Dr. Anjali Iyer-Pascuzzi
Seminar: Andy Ridgwell
Seminar: "Genetics, development, and evolution of mimetic color diversity in bumble bees."
Training: Quantitative Real Time PCR Workshop Tuesday Oct 10 9AM - noon
Seminar: Algebraic Geometry: Adjoint linear systems. Episode I.
Seminar: Partial Differential Equations & Applied Math: "Bounded vorticity, unbounded velocity solutions to the 2D Euler equations"
Seminar: Early kinetic decoupling of dark matter with resonant annihilation
Reception: Awards Ceremony - Dehesh
Colloquium: Planet formation at home and abroad
Seminar: Differential Geometry: "Linear stability of gradient shrinking Ricci solitons"
Seminar: IIGB Seminar Speaker - Dr. E. Terry Papoutsakis
Seminar: Abhi Ghosh
Seminar: Algebraic Geometry: Adjoint linear systems. Episode II.
Seminar: Light-quarks Yukawa & new physics in Higgs jet(b-jet) studies
Seminar: Electron-Electron Interaction Driven Phenomena in Carbon Nanotube Devices
Colloquium: Taking a scientific approach to teaching physics (and most other subjects)
Symposium: IIGB Retreat - October 20, 2017
Seminar: Energy Frontier Research Center Seminar
Seminar: Differential Geometry: “A Mean Value Theorem for Riemannian Manifolds via the Obstacle Problem”
Seminar: GSA - No meeting
Seminar: Nicolas Barth