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September 2012

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Sport: Women's Soccer: UTEP
Training: Orientation: PPS School Counseling
Conference: 2012 UC Graduate Academic Advising Conference
Training: Paper Folding and Its Application in Mathematics
Training: Non-Linear Algebra
Training: Effective Use of Computer-Based Technology: An Integrated Approach for the Classroom, Level I
Training: Effective Use of Advanced Computer Technology: An Integrated Approach for the Classroom, Level II
Training: Advanced Composition for Educators, Part II
Training: Developing the Real Number System, Part B
Training: The College Counseling Process
Training: Fundamental Concepts of Geometry
Training: Fundamental Concepts of Geometry, Part II
Training: Orientation: Adult Education
Training: Orientation: Career Technical Education
Training: Teaching the Gifted and Talented: Guidance and Goals of the Program
Training: Culture and Diversity in Bilingual Settings
Training: Orientation: Reading Certificate
Enrichment: The Art of Stained Glass: Copper- Foil Technique
Enrichment: Paralegal Certificate Program: Information Session
Conference: 2012 Business Exit and Tax Strategies Conference
Training: Leica Inverted SP5
Training: Orientation: Reading Specialist Credential
Meeting: Free Orientation to the Yoga Certificate Programs
Seminar: CEPCEB Seminars BPSC 252
Sport: Men's Soccer: North Florida
Sport: Women's Cross Country: UC Riverside Invitational
Sport: Men's Cross Country: UC Riverside Invitational
Sport: Women's Soccer: San Francisco
Sport: Men's Soccer: Nebraska Omaha
Training: Instructional Leadership as a Springboard to Exemplary Teaching
Enrichment: Adobe Dreamweaver
Enrichment: Adobe Illustrator
Enrichment: Digital Media: Introduction to Graphic Design
Enrichment: DSLR Photography: Moving up to DSLR Cameras
Enrichment: Freeing Your Creativity
Enrichment: Panorama Photography
Enrichment: Night Photography
Enrichment: Adobe Photoshop
Enrichment: Adobe InDesign
Training: School Business Accounting
Training: Information and Technology Systems in School Business
Training: Quantitative qPCR Workshop
Training: Career Technical Education - Curriculum and Instruction
Training: Curriculum in Vocational Education (Level I)
Training: Personal, Social Interaction Relationships in a Multi-Cultural Society
Training: CTE Foundations and Professional Legal/Ethical Responsibility
Training: Vocational Education Foundations (Level II)
Training: Learning and Diversity (Level I)
Enrichment: Basic Drawing I
Enrichment: Portrait Photography
Training: SimplyMap - Introduction Session
Lecture: Managing Your Diabetes
Training: Group Counseling and Facilitation
Training: SimplyMap - Intermediate Session
Training: Psychology of Human Learning
Training: Psychology of Human Learning
Training: Role of Home, School and Community in Early Childhood Education
Training: Guidance Instruction and Advocacy
Training: Level II Induction Mild/Moderate
Training: Level II Induction Moderate/Severe Specialist
Training: Counseling, Guidance and Professional Relationships in Adult Education (Level II)
Training: Development and Organization of Prevention Programs for School and Community
Enrichment: Creating Realistic Characters
Seminar: CEPCEB Seminars BPSC 252
Sport: Volleyball: Hawai'i
Sport: Women's Soccer: New Mexico
Enrichment: Creating a Visual Journal
Enrichment: Native American Toys and Games
Enrichment: Learn to Write Literary Nonfiction
Enrichment: Introduction to Close-Up Photography
Sport: Volleyball: Cal State Northridge
Training: Supervised Field Experience in Early Childhood Studies
Sport: Women's Soccer: Lamar
Sport: Men's Soccer: CSU Bakersfield
Seminar: U.S. Marine Corps Information Table
Meeting: Work Study Orientation
Enrichment: Adobe Lightroom Essentials
Training: Human Growth and Development, Intervention Strategies, Part B
Outreach: Fall Bike Registration
Seminar: U.S. Marine Corps Information Table
Meeting: Work Study Orientation
Training: Developing Leadership Skills with Gifted Students
Meeting: Work Study Orientation
Outreach: Fall Bike Registration
Meeting: Work Study Orientation
Enrichment: Wine Appreciation
Seminar: Algebraic Geometry
Training: Bio-friendly SEM Workshop
Outreach: Fall Bike Registration
Seminar: Kaplan /test Prep and Admissions Information Table
Seminar: Operator Algebras & Related Topics
Seminar: Fractal Research Group Seminar
Lecture: Managing Your Diabetes
Seminar: WSPC Seminar Series - Dr. Anabela Botelho - Time and Uncertainty in Resource Dilemmas: Equilibrium Solutions and Experimental Results"
Seminar: Lie Theory Seminar
Seminar: Mathematical Physics & Dynamical Systems
Enrichment: Introduction to Brewing Science
Seminar: Differential Geometry Seminar
Seminar: CEPCEB Seminars BPSC 252
Training: Discover Rivera Library
Seminar: Commutative Algebra Seminar
Sport: Women's Soccer: Long Beach State
Campus Activity: UCR's Annual Block Party 2012
Sport: Men's Soccer: UC Santa Barbara
Seminar: CDVR International Symposium
Training: Cultural Diversity
Training: Introduction to Response to Intervention
Training: Accreditation: Application of Research-Based Change to the Ongoing School Improvement Process
Training: Introduction to Autism: Understanding and Meeting the Needs of Students with Autism
Seminar: CDVR International Symposium
Sport: Men's Soccer: Cal Poly
Campus Activity: Q-Camp
Sport: Women's Soccer: UC Irvine