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A panel of veterans are going to discuss their experiences serving in the U.S. Military and how that plays into being a student and a civilian. HUB 265 5/24 4pm

Looking forward to such an important topic. Thank you for being courageous to talk about such a heavy topic!

I really enjoyed the event, especially the deep strategies we engaged in. I though it was really helpful!

A well-organized, well-run, and helpful group.

Attending the event definitely changed my viewpoint as to how different groups of people are marginalized and stigmatized in our country, The presentation was incredible! Thank you!

I was only able to go to the last half of it, but even so, it was so fun! The snacks were great and the activities they had available: quiz, games, and coloring were all nice to watch and do. The staff was nice and helpful as well as very informative towards future events and the event itself.

I loved this event! I learned about a lot of amazing resources and about myself regarding what my love language was. I was also able to get some nice goodies, and the T-shirt which I absolutely love!

It was so much fun. I hope they do more events like this one. The staff was helpful as much as they could be - they were low on numbers. The variety of what plushy to stuff was great too!

Miss the Homecoming Basketball game. They didn't have enough tshirts for all registered attendees. Sad. But otherwise a nice time.

Great event