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Jason Wohlmuth Award ($500)

Have you been involved in promoting health and wellness programs, and/or assisting UCR students dealing with mental health and/or the misuse/abuse of alcohol...

Peanut Butter & Jogging

Come every Tuesdays and Friday and walk/run with people of all fitness levels, then enjoy snacks after the morning workout - grab and go, or stay and socialize.

1/22 10am

Join us every Tuesday for coffee and conversation, centered around current events, culture and more. All are welcome to join us as we dig deep into the...

1/22 11am
Networking Your Way to a Job

Have you ever heard, “It’s not just what you know, but who you know that gets you the opportunity to show what you know”? Networking could be the best return...

1/22 12pm
APSP Womxn's Program: Refresh, Revitalize, & Reset

Join us for a "Healing & Acceptance Circle" to rejuvenate and start winter quarter off on the right track! Healing and Acceptance Circle Are you feeling...

1/22 1:30pm

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Nicole Rae Valencia

Nicole Rae Valencia left a positive review 12/13/2018

Thank you, Staff Assembly committee, for another party well done! The Selfie Scavenger Hunt was fun and challenging :) Everyone loved the colorful candy bar too.

Janet Rivera

Janet Rivera left a positive review 11/16/2018


Jason Michael Huynh

Jason Michael Huynh left a negative review 10/24/2018

Canceled without warning. Wasted half an hour getting there and waiting. Another would-be attendee had to call to find out it had been canceled.

Nicole Rae Valencia

Nicole Rae Valencia left a positive review 10/24/2018

I like the accountability of weighing in and out, in person

Nicole Rae Valencia

Nicole Rae Valencia left a positive review 11/7/2018

Great turnout!

Nicole Rae Valencia

Nicole Rae Valencia left a review 11/14/2018

Fun event, but I'm concerned how the prices are always higher at UCR Food Truck Fests, than they are on the vendors' websites. I feel like they are price-gouging the students!

May Lin

May Lin left a positive review 11/4/2018

Very helpful and interesting!

Rachel Bocar

Rachel Bocar left a positive review 10/24/2018

Super helpful

Nancy Marr

Nancy Marr left a positive review 10/16/2018

It was a great walk!

Malinn Cisneros

Malinn Cisneros left a positive review 10/8/2018

It was great to see so many students gathered together with open hearts and open minds. They were all so supportive of one another. The moderator, Karla, had the perfect tone throughout the workshop.