Wednesday, August 26

Aquatics To Go

Have access to a pool at home? Our Aquatics Team can customize swim workouts and/or skills for adults and children to do at home. Contact us at...

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This Iyengar-based yoga class focuses on the structural alignment of the physical body through the development of asanas. It aims to unite the body, mind,...

Healthy BINGO Challenge

The Healthy BINGO Challenge is a month long challenge that encourages you to incorporate healthy habits into your daily routine. The challenge is focused on...

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6 Critical Practices for Leading a Team

When leaders unleash their team’s potential through effective feedback and coaching, they help the organization achieve its most critical priorities....

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Get Fit

Let's Get Fit!! A great total body workout that incorporates cardiovascular training and resistance training in one complete workout. Are you ready for this...

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Dismantling Gender: How Gender Stereotypes Oppress Queer People with Alexis Ungerer

Gender stereotypes affect queer and cis-het people differently. There is a double standard of transgressing gender roles and gender stereotypes whereby queer...

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Introduction to GIS

Learn the basics about GIS, which is software used in a variety of disciplines to conduct digital mapping and spatial analysis. About this Event Geospatial...

Healthy Living, Dinners: Live Cooking Demo

To help you with your Rec It from Home: Healthy Edition exercise and nutrition program brought to you by Fitwell, join Chef Val as she shows you how to make...

Kickbox Conditioning

Get ready to be conditioned into shape! This class takes on a Kickboxing-style format to help strengthen the body for an overall toned physique.

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Lit Flicks Binge Fest: Little Fires Everywhere

Lit Flicks is back! This year we're changing it up a little bit, since we're all stuck at home and watching a lot of TV anyway ... this is Lit Flicks Binge...

Gluteus Max Out

Are you ready for a total leg workout? Dominate quad-heavy motions and max out on glute activating movements for a strong behind.

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Meditation for Sleep

Prepare for a good night’s rest with a mind-relaxing practice and soothing sounds.

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Wednesday, August 26