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Entomology ENTM250 Seminar - Terry McGlynn

Title: Lessons in thermal ecology from rainforest ants Abstract: We are rapidly heating up the planet, and scrambling to learn how this impacts...

4/22 4:10pm
Science communication workshop

We invite you to join us at the UCR Botanic Garden from 9-4 to discuss how science communication can be done using diverse platforms and how to communicate...

4/24 9am
Entomology ENTM250 Seminar - Senay Yitbarek

Title: Spatial structure as a mechanism for diversity: coexistence, coinfection, and pathogen invasion Abstract: Spatial dynamics and patterning are...

4/29 4:10pm
Entomology ENTM250 Seminar - Marshal Hedin

Title: "Phylogenomics and the Evolution of Trapdoor Spiders & Kin (Araneae, Mygalomorphae)"

5/6 4:10pm
Alternative Proteins Panel

As living standards have improved, people consume more and more animal protein. Protein works both as fuel and as a building block for human bodies. It keeps...

5/15 1pm

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