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"Wedges Against Global Hunger in 2050" Conference

Registration to the conference is OPEN and if free. To register, click on the "buy thickets" link on the ...

1/24 8am
The Strange Case of Community-Led Total Sanitation Interventions

Co-hosted By: UCR School of Public Policy, UCR Library & One Health Center One of the most important remaining global challenges facing professionals in the...

2/5 12pm
The Future is Here: How Kaiser Permanente uses telemedicine to deliver culturally responsive, patient empowered care

The role of technology in health care is rapidly evolving with new care delivery methods and patients adapting to novel ways to interact with their...

2/12 12:30pm
The Short-run Impacts of Exogenously Reducing Water Collection times in Rural Kenya

This paper examines the impact that water collection has on the time allocation patterns and emotional wellbeing of households in rural Kenya. We exogenously...

3/5 12pm
How We Heal: Confronting Health Inequity with Structural Competency

Welcome! Why do health disparities persist? How can we address them at their roots? Structural Competency is the capacity to recognize and respond to...

3/9 8am

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