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The UCR Library serves as an information commons and intellectual center for the campus and is the nexus for research and study at UCR.

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Digital Scholarship Meetups

Bi-weekly on Fridays during Winter 2021, the UCR Library hosts casual community conversations on digital research, teaching, and publishing. These informal...

1/15 12pm
Geospatial/GIS meetups

Join us for a lunchtime discussion about GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and geospatial inquiry. Topics include research, instruction, upcoming events,...

1/20 12pm
Remote Research Series: Check In

Join us to share and hear from fellow students and researchers about their experiences adapting to remote research. About this Event Introducing the Remote...

1/20 3pm
The Carpentries Hacky Hours, Drop-In Session (Online)

Thursdays, 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Sessions will be held online. Only UCR authenticated Zoom user will be admitted. About this Event Weekly on Tuesdays, 2-4 pm,...

1/21 11am
GIS Basics

Geospatial Series Are you brand new to learning about geographic information systems (GIS)? This workshop gives you a basic understanding of what a GIS can...

1/21 2pm

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