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The UCR Library serves as an information commons and intellectual center for the campus and is the nexus for research and study at UCR.

Upcoming Events

Geospatial/GIS Brown Bag Lunch

Join us for a lunchtime discussion about GIS (Geographic Information Systems). Topics include research, instruction, upcoming events and collaborations at...

11/21 12pm
Cosplay Work Day

The winter convention scene is upon us! Come bring any project you are currently working on and be productive with your crafting peers. Feel free to ask any...

11/21 7pm
The Carpentries Hacky Hours, Drop-In Session

Fridays, 1pm-3pm Located in GradQuant Office, Life Sciences 1425 Take your computer coding to the next level. Whether you are a novice interested in...

11/22 1pm
Make Your Own Manga Character

Join Special Collections & University Archives (SCUA), the Creat’R Lab, and Greenwood Anime Society for our first manga event! Use facial features extracted...

11/25 5pm
Intro to Unity

Introduction to learning Unity and coding in Unity. Learn to use the program "Unity", a platform commonly used in the game development industry. Student...

11/26 5:30pm

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Origami Workshop


Intro to Unity


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