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Are We Alone? How to Find Extraterrestrial Life Like Us

Speaker: Edward Schwieterman, postdoctoral fellow, Georgia Institute of Technology & UCR Alternative Earths Astrobiology Center Dr. Schwieterman will...

1/21 6pm
Megafauna: The Science of Large Animals and Why They Matter

Facilitated by Dr. Chris Tracy, director of the UCR Boyd Deep Canyon Desert Research Center, each free presentation is designed to examine the world in new...

1/22 6pm
Desert Discoveries: The Salton Sea

UCR in the CV: Desert Discoveries is a free series that takes a multifaceted look at one topic. This season we are exploring the Salton Sea. Join us as we...

1/23 6pm
The Serengeti Rules film screening

This film explores the discoveries of five pioneering scientists, whose decades of research laid the groundwork for modern ecology and offer hope that...

1/24 6pm
Autism Goes to College film screening

Meet Guillermo, Jasmine, Caroline, Jonathan and Aniella – five students on the spectrum take us on campus and into their lives to see how they’re doing...

1/28 6pm

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