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Meditation is a great tool to use to relax the body and mind while helping to reduce stress

12/1 12pm
Tree with Disability Icons

Transitioning or returning to an in-person learning environment as a student with a disability can present challenges. SDRC team members and student leaders...

1/5/2022 10:30am
Student Disability Resource Center Logo

Join the Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC) for its first Winter Open House at its new location (1228 Student Services Building). Students, staff and...

1/6/2022 11am
ID: Clocks with various times

If time management is an area for improvement for you or you have a planner/organizer that’s waiting to be used, then, this is a workshop you may want to...

1/12/2022 4pm
Tree with Disability Icons

Improve your self-advocacy skills as it relates to requesting clarification about course material, communicating disability related information, or...

1/18/2022 3pm

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