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“A formerly undocumented, now deported filmmaker ventures into a self-referential journey through the nuances of return migration in Mexico.”


Eduardo lives in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico after his deportation from the U.S. With camera at hand, he undertakes a journey towards the central part of the country, where he ends up working at a transnational call center. He documents his commutes as he crosses paths with other deportees and returnees, who like him, had an undocumented upbringing on U.S. soil. Through his lens, he reflects, rethinks and questions  his own reintegration process.




Maggie Loredo (She/Her/Ella) Activist and Co-Director of Otros Dreams en Acción (ODA). She was raised undocumented in Texas & Georgia. Maggie was coerced to return to Mexico in 2008. Since her return to México she has contributed to Los Otros Dreamers (2014) and co-authored the introduction to the second edition of the same book in 2021. She is the impact producer for “El Digno Retorno” film directed and produced by Jose Eduardo Aguilar. Since 2013, she has organized with people that have experienced deportation and return to Mexico. Along with her community, she advocates for mobility for all through an intersectional, artistic and narrative approach. She has participated in academic spaces, media and co-authored publications. In 2015, she co-founded Otros Dreams en Acción (ODA), a Mexican non-profit organization. She is also the co-creator of the Pochas So What podcast.


Sponsored by the Faculty Commons Mexican Studies Working Group at the Center for Ideas & Society 

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