On Violence: Experimental Study Sequence"

William C. Anderson
The Nation on No Map: Black Anarchism and Abolition


Virtual format: click here to join! No registration needed


Join us for a sequence of conversations with authors of key texts addressing violence, empire, liberation, solidarity, abolition, and the problem of “Man”/human. These short (60-75 minute) sessions will be led by students of MCS 201 (Racial-Colonial [State] Violence) at UC Riverside, taught by Prof. Dylan Rodríguez. Online participants will have opportunities to engage with authors during the sessions, to whatever extent time permits. This is an experiment. We hope you will read the authors’ work prior to each study meeting, but as importantly, we aspire to cultivate a sense of intellectual collaboration, curiosity, and activated thought. 


Sponsors: UCR's Health Humanities and Disability Justice (HHDJ) Initiative & the Decolonizing Humanism(?) Initiative at the Center for Ideas and Society.

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