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THE BOX by Richard Gonzales
Directed by Kali Veach
Casting Director: Adriana Moreno

A mysterious, rustic box terrorizes those it chooses to target.

Accepting self-tape auditions only.
Upload deadline: November 28, 2021 at 9:00pm (PST).
Upload self-tapes here.

Callbacks: TBD.

Needed: 5 actors

How to audition:

  • Download and fill out the PDF Audition Form here. Once complete, upload the Audition Form here.

  • Upload your Headshot here (not required; recommended even if not professionally done). 

  • Record your self-tape and upload it through Google Drive here

  • Label your self-tape with your last name-first name-ROLE. 

Self-tape audition tips:

  • Be familiar with or memorize the sides of the character you are auditioning for, provided here

  • The Setting: Use a quiet room with little to no background noise. The wall behind you should ideally be a plain color (ex. white or blue). Try to position yourself a few feet away from the wall to avoid shadows. The light should come from behind the camera.

  • Framing: Film horizontally, zoom in to frame yourself from the top of your head to just below your shoulders. 

  • Reader: Please have another person read the lines from the sides with you from off-camera.

  • Remember to slate: Introduce yourself on camera with your name, height, where you’re based, and where you are currently located. Please include a full-body shot. 

Important Information:

  • Please review the cast schedule here before submitting a self-tape.

  • For the audition wear simple, businesslike clothing with hair back and away from the face. 

  • Actors who are cast will be enrolled in 4 units of TFDP 170 in the winter quarter.

Character information:

STEPHANIE - The character is female-identifying. Self-interested and inconsiderate, quick to make excuses for herself. 

MICHAEL - The character is male-identifying. Focused on work, holds a manager position at the office. 

LIZ -  The character is female-identifying. Observant of the needs of others, a tad disheveled but tries hard to appear as put together. 

WRITER - The character is male-identifying. Self-opinionated and overly confident in his writing. 

MOVIE PRODUCER - The character is female-identifying. Diligent and honest in her work, wastes no time. 

Please reach out to Adriana Moreno, Casting Director, if you have any questions or concerns: amore062@ucr.edu

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