ChatGPT: it's everywhere. But generative AI's impacts go far beyondthe ChatGPT and Bard chatbots now at everyone's fingertips; thebiggest AI breakthrough in GPT actually comes from the "T", theTransformer. Transformer-based AI underlies ChatGPT and is also finding application in fields as diverse as robotics and drug design,cybersecurity and the Internet of Things. Curious to explore how enterprise applications in your domain can leverage generative AI?


Presenter: Shomit Ghose
Shomit Ghose had a longtime career as a successful Silicon Valley start-up entrepreneur, which he followed with a longtime career as a Silicon Valley venture capitalist.
He is an advisor to UCR in entrepreneurship,and also in the technology and business of data.
Shomitis currently working with UCR to help both small businesses and technology start-ups to compete in the modern data-driven economy.


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