#UCRBikes: Bike Workshops
Gain confidence while commuting or riding around town, and remove your barriers to bicycling. These courses are offered through a collaboration of American Bicycling Education Association, Western Regional Council of Governments, UCR Recreation, Transportation and Parking Services, Office of Sustainability, and Environmental Health and Safety.

Cycling Savvy: Ride Awesome
October 31
Take advantage of a limited-time opportunity to learn about biking in traffic and bike safety! Through Oct 31, 2021 the first 50 people with the coupon code receive a free Ride Awesome membership (value $100), giving you lifetime access to CyclingSavvy Basics and Mastery courses and future online courses including Group Leader. Earn a certificate of completion in Basics and Mastery to attend Train Your Bike and Tour of Riverside ($135 value) and get personalized hands-on practice with experienced national cycling instructors.
Register here: https://bit.ly/2Wc7czT


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