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This event centers on "Atuel," a documentary game developed by the Argentine cooperative Matajuegos, highlighting the innovative intersection of environmental narratives and video game design. "Atuel" is a unique title that explores the ecological and cultural significance of the Atuel River in Argentina, employing a surrealistic approach that allows players to experience the river's ecosystem through various perspectives.
The event will feature a screening of "Atuel," demonstrating how the game blends ecological storytelling with interactive gameplay. Following the screening, a conversation will be led by Pablo Quarta, one of Matajuegos' co-founders. Pablo, who is integral to the game's narrative and production, will discuss the development process of "Atuel," its thematic focus on the climate crisis, and the broader role of video games in environmental advocacy and education.
The discussion will also cover Matajuegos' unique position in the video game industry as the first Video Game Development Cooperative in Argentina, and one of the first in Latin America. Pablo will share insights into how Matajuegos challenges traditional corporate models in cultural and ludic production, emphasizing the importance of independent and socially conscious game development.
This event aims to provide insights into how video games can serve as a medium for critical social and environmental issues, offering a platform for interdisciplinary exploration and discussion on the role of digital media in contemporary environmental and cultural narratives. It is anticipated to be a valuable educational experience for those interested in environmental studies, game design, and the innovative use of interactive media for storytelling and social commentary.

This family friendly event is hybrid, free, and open to the public
ZOOM LINK: https://ucr.zoom.us/j/92555408320

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