Exhibition: Xavier Cázares Cortéz FINGERS ARE CROSSED just in case

ON VIEW: June  30- August 19, 2018

Xavier Cázares Cortéz’s FINGERS ARE CROSSED just in case is a sprawling, mixed media installation that examines the proliferation of objects and text. Comprised of a series of structural arrangements he describes as feralscapes, Cortéz employs the use of several thousand pieces from his personal archive of objects to challenge the source of their meaning, and the association to their surroundings. His sculptural arrangements integrate the tendencies found in color field paintings while appropriating institutional methodologies of archiving, collecting, organizing and exhibiting objects. FINGERS ARE CROSSED just in case reflects a visual dichotomy of organized chaos that invites the viewer to evaluate the taxonomy of things they may have possessed and their personal association to them.

In addition to FINGERS ARE CROSSED just in case, a temporal component of the installation will be on exhibit in the atrium of the Culver Center entitled, NOTHING has changed, everything HAS CHANGED. It will be on view through July 15. After this date, it will be rearranged and presented in multiple areas of the museum throughout the course of the exhibition.

(IMAGE) WITH A MOUTH FULL OF TEETH, from the installation, SUDDENLY WE HAD nothing, 2012. Dimensions variable. Plastic objects and etched Christian Dior cologne bottle. Courtesy of the artist. Photograph by Rodd Lindstrom.

Curator: Jennifer Frias

Sunday, August 19, 2018

3824 Main St, Riverside, CA 92501

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