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This workshop is required if you would like to have an HPAC professional advisor review your personal statement and is designed to help you understand the Personal Statement writing process and how to brainstorm and craft a statement that best represents you. Designed for third and fourth-year students who are about to begin or are currently in the application process, however, anyone may attend.

A personal statement should clearly answer the question, "Why do I want to be a _______?" It should be personal in that it contains elements that only apply to you. The most important thing to write about will vary because each person's journey into health care is different. Writing a personal statement is a process. This workshop will break down the process of articulating your path toward health care for an admissions committee.

Duration: 90 minutes


  • What goes into a personal statement
  • What to avoid in a personal statement
  • What are admissions committees looking for in a personal statement
  • You can also watch the workshop online on our website

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