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Subject: What do ego, desire, and capitalism have to do sustainability? Find out how strategies from Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy can be applied to sustainable ways of thinking! Attend a new workshop at UCR supported by Healthy Campus Project Grants!

The “Mindfulness-Based Sustainability Workshop” is a free series consisting of three, one-hour workshops where UCR students, faculty, and staff will be able to learn about the life cycle assessments of common objects in daily life including plastic water bottles, cell phones, and hamburgers. Reflective exercises for decentering intersubjectivity, in light of desire, aversion, and non-attachment, will be applied to the life cycle, or ‘cradle to grave,’ assessment of these objects to promote a more sustainable way of thinking.

The three-part workshop is scheduled for:

  • Part 1 Mindful Recycling: Wednesday, May 22 from 12-1pm in INTS 1109
  • Part 2 Mindful Consumerism: Thursday, May 23 from 12-1pm in INTS 1109
  • Part 3 Mindful Eating: Friday, May 24 from 12-1pm in INTS 1109

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  • Nicole Rae Valencia

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I enjoyed this important and thought-provoking series, and it was great to see the workshop well-attended. As a vegetarian environmentalist, I aim to support campus events which bring awareness to wellness, mindfulness and sustainability!
Friday, May 24, Part 3 Mindful Eating gave attendees the opportunity to sample the Impossible Burger and also provided a mindfulness eating exercise. Perfect concept, but would have been most effective in conjunction - by asking attendees to sign in and grab an Impossible burger but not eat until prompted; then guiding the group through the mindful steps of smelling and tasting, to get the full experience :)