Title: Grammars of listening or towards the sound of "lo inaudito" 


Abstract: In my talk I want to give an overview of my current research project, titled "gramáticas de lo inaudito," where I address the question of how to render audible the kinds of breakdowns of sense (both aesthetic and epistemological) caused by "traumatic" forms of violence. I am interested, on the one hand, in understanding "trauma" from a philosophical perspective and in connection to what I call its "colonizing" effects. I am also interested in addressing what kind of memory and what form of history cannot only survive but also attest to trauma, and what kinds of grammars are needed to render it "audible" and resist its silencing effects.  


Short bio: 

María del Rosario Acosta López is a professor in the Department of Hispanic Studies at UC Riverside. Her main research interests are aesthetics, modern and contemporary political philosophy, German idealism, and, more recently, philosophical approaches to trauma and memory, with an emphasis on Latin America and a decolonial perspective. She has books and edited volumes on Schiller, Hegel, art and memory in Colombia, philosophy and violence, contemporary political philosophy and philosophy in and from Colombia. Her current research project and forthcoming book is titled Gramáticas de lo inaudito: Pensar la memoria después del trauma (expected in Spanish in 2023). 

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