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In his current research, Zamușinski focuses on non-believing or apostate clergy. The study aims to identify the possible reasons for a hidden apostasy by religious professionals (either currently or formerly employed). It also focuses on what it means to lose faith and the possible consequences of deconversion. It is based on over fifty in-depth interviews with clergy from over twenty different countries who recount that they no longer believe in the supernatural. For this type of people, The Clergy Project (TCP) was launched in 2011. It provides peer support to current and former religious leaders who claim they no longer have faith. The study is also based on the analysis of hundreds of profiles of TCP participants and other similar communities created by or for non-believing clergy and demonstrates that these people have a particular understanding of what it means to be religious and what it means to become nonreligious. Most definitions of religion and secularization either come from academics or religious people. There have not been enough voices of apostates in terms of defining religion or secularization, especially the voices of religious professionals/clergy. This research is providing different voices that haven’t been a part of the conversation on how we define religiosity and secularization.


Alexandr Zamușinski is a 4th Year PhD candidate in the Religious Studies Department at the University of California, Riverside. His areas of specialization are in Secularism, Apostasy, and the Future of Religion. His research focuses on the history of atheism/non-religion and the process of deconstruction from religion, especially by those who once were very dedicated religious practitioners. Since Alex views religious and non-religious illiteracy as a major cause for both religiophobia and atheophobia, as well as interreligious disagreements, in June 2022 he launched YouTube Channel – “Religiolog”. Its objectives are - translating to a popular audience academic works of religious scholars into plain language. Alex believes that religious literacy education enables a deeper appreciation of various cultures and helps to have a positive influence on various stereotypes and prejudices related to disinformation about religion. Alex runs a similar YouTube channel in Russian language. At this moment, it has over 15 000 subscribers and over a half million views. The English channel is still in its early stages.

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