Abstract Deadline to present your research at the Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities Symposium! If you participated in undergraduate research this year, apply to present it at the research symposium using one of the following tracks: 

  • TRACK 1: POSTER PRESENTATION A poster presentation
    should concisely communicate research using graphics/images/figures with minimal text. A 2-minute explanation will guide the audience through the research topic, methodology, preliminary/expected results, and conclusion/next steps.

    TRACK 2: EMERGING RESEARCH (ORAL) Emerging research presentations should represent research projects that are not completed but might be of significant interest to the research community. Both conceptually- and empirically-based papers on "work-in-progress" projects would fall into this category.

    TRACK 3: DEVELOPED RESEARCH Developed research presentations should represent completed empirical research. This track is open to papers based on completed research studies. Students should be able to clearly present their research question, outline the research methodology and assessment, and present clear outcomes.

    TRACK 4: CREATIVE ACTIVITY Creative activities and performances should represent the final product of scholarly creative activity. These projects could include, but are not limited to, submissions from Dance, Art, Music, Creative Writing, Media and Cultural Studies, and Theatre, Film, and Digital Production. Students should be able to discuss the research/inspiration behind the final product. Performing and visual arts projects may be presented in the traditional oral or poster format, or as exhibits, displays, performances, readings, and viewings.

We are looking for applications from all areas: Engineering, Sciences, Math, Technology, Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Business, Education, and all other disciplines! 

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