Enriched Air Nitrox SCUBA Certification

Sunday, July 14, 2024

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An enriched air class, also known as a Nitrox or Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx) course, teaches students how to dive with air that has more oxygen and less nitrogen than regular air. The course covers topics such as:

Oxygen and Nitrogen physiology
Nitrox advantages, disadvantages, and risks
Oxygen toxicity
Handling Oxygen hazards and precautions
Gas mixing procedures
Oxygen exposure limits
Nitrox filling, logging, and labeling procedures
Setting and planning dives using a dive computer with enriched air Nitrox
Calculating maximum operating depth
Analyzing a Nitrox cylinder

The class consists of an e-learning portion and a short remote class to be done after completion of the e-learning course.
Step 1. Ensure you have been certified in SCUBA Open Water from any certification agency. Register for Enriched Air Nitrox certification any date between July 1-Sept 8.
Step 2. Receive a Nitrox e-learning code from SDI SCUBA certification agency, sent from the course instructor.
Step 3. Complete your online training portion using the e-learning code.
Step 4. Schedule part 2 of the class over Zoom with the instructor, typically within 2 weeks of completing the e-learning portion.
Step 5. Receive a Nitrox certification card from SDI SCUBA certification agency.

Prerequisite: Open Water SCUBA Certification

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