Ever wonder why you feel what you feel, is it right to feel that way, or what your feelings are telling you about the world? The ‘So Emotional’ Book Club is here to help you grapple with these questions. We read popular books by philosophers, neuroscientists, and psychologists to think about and discuss what emotions are, how society affects what and how we feel, and how to wield our emotions in the right way. The club aims to improve our knowledge about emotions and maybe even improve our own emotional well-being and emotional intelligence along the way. OPEN TO UCR COMMUNITY AND GENERAL PUBLIC.

Hybrid Event: Dinner will be served (In-person limited to 15 people, so RSVP if attending in person).
Sign up for the Zoom link or RSVP for in-person discussion HERE.


Our books for winter and spring 2024 are:

"Mama's Last Hug" by Frans de Waal

"Night Vision" by mariana alessandri

"A Human History of Emotion" by Richard Firth-Godbehere


"Between Us: How Cultures Create Emotions" by Batja Mesquita


"Thinking Through Loneliness" by Dianne Enns

"Beyond Words: What Animals Think and Feel" by Carl Safina

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Same! But I’m still interested in joining

Aww man. I'm bummed I found this so late. What book are y'all currently reading?