Discrimination comes in many guises and hits each target differently. Come listen to our panel talk about what discrimination has looked like on their journeys on campus and learn about ways we can all help make UCR an inclusive and safe place to work.

The conversation around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion issues is ongoing and varied. It can be easy to focus on one particular group at a time, especially when it is all over the news. But in reality, all of the underrepresented minority groups face discrimination every day, sometimes suffering in silence as a colleague makes a comment or a joke is passed around.

The hope behind this panel is to bring awareness of what is happening on our own campus with our co-workers, to understand that many of the staff on campus fit into multiple URM groups and face discrimination from several sources, and to build our resolve as a campus to stand up for others when we see and hear actions and comments that aren't appropriate.

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  • Colin Barrows
  • Will Pines
  • katy yarbrough
  • Bennie McGhee

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