If you are an Undocumented Student with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) applying for an education program that starts August-October 2023, your application deadline is January 3rd. This is the deadline for all UCEAP and OAP programs that start August-October 2022 regardless of the deadline date on MyUCR Abroad.  Make sure to complete your application by the date listed so that we can start the Advance Parole process with Undocumented Student Programs Office (USP). You will also need to meet with Ana Coria (ana.coria@ucr.edu) in USP and you will also need to email LaSharon McLean Perez (lasharon@ucr.edu) and Macy Ring (cc’d, macy.ring@ucr.edu) before January 3rd, so that we can process your application early.

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You need to complete the First Steps to Learn Abroad on MyUCR Abroad https://ucr-horizons.symplicity.com/.


UCEAP Applicants:

Submit both the MyUCR Abroad and UCEAP applications by 11:59 pm:


OAP Applicants:

Complete the OAP Application and sign up for the OAP Application Workshop on MyUCR Abroad https://ucr-horizons.symplicity.com/ before January 3rd.

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