This is a multilevel class with an introduction to the Old form of Yang Style Symmetrical 28 Form for beginners and long form for continuing students. Taught in order: ch'i kung (qigong), Long form, pushing hands, San shou application form, t'ai chi fast form, t'ai chi sword, broadsword and stick. the beginning form is low intensity and can be done by anyone who can walk. T'ai Chi is good for coordination, balance and low intensity Aerobic Exercise and it is an internal form of kung fu. T'ai chi is used for stress reduction, lowering blood pressure, improving balance as well as a traditional martial art. Harvey Kurland is officially certified by the Chinese Tai Chi Chuan Association.

UCR/IEP Students $59
Non-Students $75

-Wear loose comfortable clothing and athletic footwear. NO JEANS. -No refunds on classes unless class is cancelled by Recreation Class Manager -We do not pro-rate classes unless class schedule is modified by Recreation Class Manager -If registering online and are not a current student, please visit the front counter to obtain a facility access card on the first day of class.

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