Travel to Egypt & Israel with UCR Business

The Trip of a Lifetime!

Travel Dates: Aug. 26 - Sept. 4, 2022

(The decision deadline was July 24)


This trip is led by Dr. Sean Jasso, Professor of Practice in Management at the UCR School of Business. The program is open for the entire UCR campus community.

Why Egypt? - Egypt is a word with a thousand meanings. On this special program unique among university global programs, you will experience one of the largest cities in the world, Cairo, whose antiquity and modernity will advance your knowledge of civilization. Riding camels by the Great Pyramids of Giza and entering the pyramid to see the burial chamber of the pharaoh is among the great events of a lifetime. Traveling to Luxor and walking the tombs in the Valley of the Kings where King Tut is buried will be the envy of your friends—so bring them with you. The program's itinerary below will inspire you to return to world travel, to learn from the past, to see the present and to add global competitiveness to your future.

Why Israel? - We are including Israel as the final destination in this epic trip to showcase antiquity and modernity in one of the most dynamic, complex and entrepreneurial countries in the world. We will see the modern startup culture in Tel Aviv, one of the coolest cities in the Mediterranean, and experience the ancient city of Jerusalem with all of its cultural heritage. 


Program Aims
To bring you to the heart of antiquity and to get Egypt and Israel on your resume to strengthen your global readiness.

The Program Requires Little Planning 
Simply a decision and a funding plan. No special visas, no travel restrictions, no Covid restrictions — let's get you there.

Who Can Participate
The program is open to the UCR community: UCR undergraduate & graduate students and their families and friends.

Program Itinerary: 

Friday, Aug. 26: Depart Los Angeles to Cairo
Saturday, Aug. 27: Arrival Cairo late night
Sunday, Aug. 28: Visit Egyptian Museum
Monday, Aug. 29: Visit Giza Pyramids
Tuesday, Aug. 30: Visit Old Cairo Churches, NMEC Museum, Mohamed Aly Mosque, Khan el Khalili
Wednesday, Aug. 31: Early flight Cairo to Luxor — Visit Valley of Kings, Hatshepsut temple, and Karnak Temple (the largest temple complex in the world)
Thursday, Sept. 1: Fly Luxor to Cairo
Friday, Sept. 2: Fly Cairo-Tel Aviv, Visit Jerusalem
Saturday, Sept. 3: Visit Jerusalem and Tel Aviv 
Sunday, Sept. 4:  Fly Tel Aviv to Los Angeles

Contact Dr. Sean Jasso if you would like to learn more about our Global Programs.


Friday, August 26

More dates through September 4, 2022

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