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UCR Department of Music
Wednesday@Noon Performance

ensemble PHASE
Traditional and Contemporary Music of Korea

ensemble PHASE, a group of virtuoso performers of Korean instruments, will be performing traditional and contemporary music of Korea.
Ian Dicke, coordinator
April 24, 2019
Wednesday, 12:10 – 1:00 P.M.
Music Rehearsal Hall, ARTS 157

ensemble PHASE is a group of musicians with a long-time passion for experimental projects, creating and performing new repertoires through experimentation on Korean instruments with various musical materials and artistic forms.

ensemble PHASE has been actively performing traditional and contemporary repertoires, collaborating with living composers and performers from diverse musical backgrounds. Also, in order to expand interest in writing for Korean instruments, ensemble PHASE has given workshops and lectures for composers and students to better understand Korean music and instruments, in and out of Korea.

Since 2017, ensemble PHASE’s projects have been sponsored by the City of Seoul, Seoul Foundation of Arts and Culture, Art Council Korea, National Gugak Center, Studio Paju and Korean Traditional Performing Arts Foundation.

Free and open to the campus
Information: (951) 827-3245

Cheon-nyeon-man-se (Korean classical ensemble music repertoire)
Daegeum Sanjo (Korean folk solo music repertoire)
Artist Cemetery, composed by Patrick Sangbin Rhie
Letter from Phantom Ranch, composed by Christian Dubeau, Ph.D. (UCR alumnus)
Deep Ocean, composed by Christine Lee, Ph.D. (UCR alumna)

*Programs are subject to change.

Performers: Piri and Saengwhang: Minseop Song, Daegeum: Kilyong Chae,
Geomungo: Jeongmin Park, Haegeum: Jeonghyeon Joo, Gayageum: Nayeong Park

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• The Wednesday@Noon Series offers concerts, lectures, and presentations of academic research by Department of Music faculty, postdoctoral researchers, students, and international guest artists and scholars. Ian Dicke, coordinator.

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