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Book Salon Series & Dialogue

UCR GSST Professor Jane Ward in Dialogue with Associate Professor Angela Jones (Farmingdale State College)

Being queer in a homophobic world is difficult, but what if the miseries that straight people experience are even worse? In this feminist provocation, Jane Ward takes a deep dive into a marketplace where straight people spend thousands of dollars on books, therapies, and seminars designed to help them increase their opposite-sex attractiveness and compatibility, and decrease their relationship frustrations and resentments. Through close observation of straight cultures, The Tragedy of Heterosexuality offers an unexpected and bracing proposition: it is heterosexuality—not queerness—that is characterized by alarming instances of sexual harassment, coercion, disappointment, and loneliness. To address these problems, Ward argues that it is time for straight men to be even more deeply heterosexual by learning from lesbian feminists how to like women so much that they actually like women.

Register now: https://ucr.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJMsd-qsrzMvG93wujOyLEBSIUgXw3-J7AvZ

Co-sponsored by GSST and the Center for Ideas & Society (CIS). To purchase a copy of Professor Ward’s book, please go to the New York University Press website (nyupress.org) and use the following code for a 30% discount at checkout: WARD30

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