"Wedges Against Global Hunger in 2050" Conference

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For more than a decade, food policy experts have warned global food production must nearly double to adequately feed 2050’s projected population of 9 to 10 billion. The warning's assumptions extrapolate the status quo: e.g., stable population growth rate,  ca. 35% of food wasted, and increasing per-capita meat consumption. Thus, the situation is more complex than a simple demographic model with a potentially unsustainable solution. More recently, analyses of the world's agri-food system suggest a more realistic and sustainable solution might be obtained through multidisciplinary coordinated interventions (a "wedge" approach).

The "Wedges against Global Hunger in 2050" Conference assembles an array of participants including individuals from academics, NGOs, non-profits, government, and private industry representing not only agricultural and natural sciences but also the humanities, engineering, policy, and social sciences. Speakers will both deconstruct the issue and examine the broad array of potential diverse solutions, which, if properly aligned, may be superior to any single “silver bullet”.  After a day and a half of presentations, a set of breakout workshops will be devoted to crafting one or more realistic, sustainable solutions.  The results will be presented and discussed in the final plenary session to identify possible followup activities. The conference will be synthesized in the closing keynote address. In the following months, UCR students will use the outcomes to organize their own post-conference panel series and other activities.


The conference has been primarily organized by UCR's California Agriculture and Food Enterprise (CAFÉ) with assistance from the University of California Global Food Initiative and UCR's College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences.


The conference event is supported with funding by CAFE, CNAS, Highlander Chefs and GFI.

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Director - Norman Ellstrand ellstrand@ucr.edu
Managing Director - Deborah Pagliaccia deborahp@ucr.edu

Visit our website http://cafe.ucr.edu/

Thursday, January 24, 2019 at 8:00am to 8:00pm

Culver Center of the Arts
3834 Main St, Riverside, CA 92501

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