R'Side Events

August 26, 2020

Wednesday, August 26


This Iyengar-based yoga class focuses on the structural alignment of the physical body through the development of asanas. It aims to unite the body, mind,...

8/26 7am
Virtual Event
Get Fit

Let's Get Fit!! A great total body workout that incorporates cardiovascular training and resistance training in one complete workout. Are you ready for this...

8/26 12:15pm
Virtual Event
Dismantling Gender: How Gender Stereotypes Oppress Queer People with Alexis Ungerer

Gender stereotypes affect queer and cis-het people differently. There is a double standard of transgressing gender roles and gender stereotypes whereby queer...

8/26 1pm
Virtual Event
Introduction to GIS

Learn the basics about GIS, which is software used in a variety of disciplines to conduct digital mapping and spatial analysis. About this Event Geospatial...

8/26 2pm
Virtual Event
Healthy Living, Dinners: Live Cooking Demo

To help you with your Rec It from Home: Healthy Edition exercise and nutrition program brought to you by Fitwell, join Chef Val as she shows you how to make...

8/26 4pm
Virtual Event
Kickbox Conditioning

Get ready to be conditioned into shape! This class takes on a Kickboxing-style format to help strengthen the body for an overall toned physique.

8/26 5:30pm
Virtual Event
Gluteus Max Out

Are you ready for a total leg workout? Dominate quad-heavy motions and max out on glute activating movements for a strong behind.

8/26 6:45pm
Virtual Event
Meditation for Sleep

Prepare for a good night’s rest with a mind-relaxing practice and soothing sounds.

8/26 7:45pm
Virtual Event