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The Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC) offers information to prospective students with disabilities, including chronic health issues, about potential accommodations and services available while attending UCR. Prospective students are invited to contact the office early in their planning to attend UCR. For specific information about admission requirements, contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, the Graduate Division or the School of Medicine.


Services are available to regularly enrolled UCR students may include information on and referral to on- and off-campus services, mobility assistance, and academic support services. Students wishing to receive disability accommodations should contact SDRC to request services. Accommodations are individually designed to meet the documented disability-related needs of each student.


Upcoming Events

Making Activism Accessible

Meet Jenny and Glyn, SDRC Disability Specialists and student organization advisors, where they will discuss how you can identify potential barriers to access...

8/25 3pm
SDRC Virtual Bootcamp

Transitioning to a new learning environment as a student with a disability can present challenges. SDRC team members and student leaders will provide a one...

9/15 10am
SDRC Sign at Student Services Building

Join the Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC) for its annual Fall Open House. Students, staff and faculty are invited to come meet or get re-aquainted...

9/29 11am
Time Management 1.0 Workshop Series

If time management is an area for improvement for you or you have a planner/organizer that’s waiting to be used, then, this is a workshop you may want to...

10/4 4pm
The words Disability Ally are above images of Scotty Bear and the UC Riverside Student Disability Resource Center logo. At the bottom are the words accessibility, knowledge, service, and advocacy.

The virtual Disability Ally Workshop seeks to facilitate awareness, understanding, and competency of disability through connecting faculty, staff and...

10/27 9am

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