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Origami Club

Origami Club teaches a variety of origami models and no prior experience is required. Come and have a relaxing time with the club! Contact - Donovan...

2/18 7pm

Gamespawn invites you to the general meetings where game developers collaborate together on video game projects. We also share any on-campus events,...

2/19 5:30pm
Science of Financial Happiness

“Creating a Budget, Ditch Your Debt and Start Building for the Future” In this workshop, you will be provided with tips and tools to help you get a handle...

2/20 12pm
Cosplay Workday

The spring convention scene is upon us! Come bring any project you are currently working on and be productive with your crafting peers. Feel free to ask any...

2/20 7pm
Relaxation and Meditative Yoga

Diane Del Buono, Associate of the Chancellor will lead gentle yoga poses where a chair replaces the yoga mat. The chair becomes an extension of your body...

2/25 12:10pm

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Origami Club


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Estevan Ramirez

Estevan Ramirez left a positive review 5/15/2019

The presenter of this workshop did a phenomenal job. I for one attended this workshop because I had no prior knowledge of what QGIS was capable of and after leaving this lecture/workshop I definitely got a better understanding of its capabilities. Thank you Mrs. Reyes for taking the time out of her day for conducting this very informative and understanding event.

Rachel Bocar

Rachel Bocar left a positive review 10/22/2018

Very informative

2018 headshot

Nicole Rae Valencia left a positive review 10/16/2018

Informative and fascinating!

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