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Creat'R Cafe

A campus meetup for UC Riverside student innovators to discuss their ideas with like-minded peers and mentors, and learn about prototyping. Creat'R Cafe...

5/21 10am
Origami & Papercraft with the Origami Club

We teach basic origami and create a relaxing environment where one can unwind after class. Hosted by: The Origami Club at UC Riverside Contact/Instructor:...

5/21 7pm
Hack Night with Gamespawn

Hack Night is an evening set aside for UCR students to work on projects using the Creat'R Lab facilities. Come join a Gamespawn dev team, start your own...

5/22 5:30pm
Mapathon with R'Geospatial Club

Good mapping practice for a good cause. Help us map remote areas so that disaster relief groups can reach vulnerable people quickly during a crisis. No...

5/23 5:30pm
Interdisciplinary Art with Studio Riverside

Learn how to capture and recreate the various blends of art with us at Studio Riverside! Each week brings new ideas! Come match your talents and ideas with...

5/24 6pm

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Estevan Ramirez

Estevan Ramirez left a positive review 5/15/2019

The presenter of this workshop did a phenomenal job. I for one attended this workshop because I had no prior knowledge of what QGIS was capable of and after leaving this lecture/workshop I definitely got a better understanding of its capabilities. Thank you Mrs. Reyes for taking the time out of her day for conducting this very informative and understanding event.

Rachel Bocar

Rachel Bocar left a positive review 10/22/2018

Very informative

Nicole Rae Valencia

Nicole Rae Valencia left a positive review 10/16/2018

Informative and fascinating!

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