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 Swim to the “C” Challenge

Keen on taking on the ultimate swimming challenge? Swim the distance through our campus famous spring quarter challenge. Come and win exclusive prizes for...

AUTO Belay

Love to climb but worried about not being able to climb during certain hours? AUTO Belay gives you the chance to climb during non-rope hours and climb to...

Everest Club

Thought joining the Mile High Club was a piece of cake? Take your climbing prowess to the next height and climb a total of 29,028 feet and join the ever...

Private and Semi-Private Swim Lessons

Want to learn how to swim at your own pace? Register for our Private & Semi Private Swim Lessons and find a perfect time for your schedule. Our instructor...

The Mile High Club

Scale the equivalent of a tall mountain (5,280 feet!) at The Rock and gain access into the elusive Mile High Club. This challenge is the ultimate test of...


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Sophia Jurisch

Sophia Jurisch left a review 4/15/2019

I thought it was offered to Staff, but it's only for students so I turned back and didn't enjoy it.


justindean left a positive review 3/12/2019

Having a car can for sure give you confidence. But before getting one you should check your Vin at as a safety measure. Believe me, you will not regret this decision because being safe is the most important thing there is.

Heidy Hernandez

Heidy Hernandez left a positive review 1/28/2019

The Self Defense class was interactive, productive, and fun! I really appreciated that the instructors and staff were genuine about helping us learn by creating a safe place to learn, ask any questions, or share personal stories. I recommend this class!

Dusan Stancic

Dusan Stancic left a positive review 12/6/2018

Great fun!

Nicole Rae Valencia

Nicole Rae Valencia left a positive review 10/22/2018

So important, and highly recommended!

Nashma Robles

Nashma Robles left a review 9/22/2018

I would have enjoyed it more if there was. more places to sit and there was better lighting on the movie.. it was dark and sometimes i couldn't see perfectly

Michael R Allen

Michael R Allen left a positive review 7/27/2018

Great refresher. Very personable and informative instructor. Went well beyond PADI requirements. Generated confidence in scuba skills.

Student Recreation Center (SRC)

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