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AUTO Belay

Love to climb but worried about not being able to climb during certain hours? AUTO Belay gives you the chance to climb during non-rope hours and climb to...

Camp Highlander - Youth Camp

Enroll your child in Camp Highlander. A traditional summer camp set on 1900 acres of UC college campus. This fun and engaging camp is centered around...

Everest Club

Thought joining the Mile High Club was a piece of cake? Take your climbing prowess to the next height and climb a total of 29,028 feet and join the ever...

Free Use Days at the SRC

June 24 - 30 Monday - Sunday See hours on page 6. If you are not an SRC member, but are eligible to join... then we have a treat for you. We are opening...

Intramural Sports Registration

Time to get competitive Highlanders! Compete in 5v5 and 3v3 basketball, sand volleyball, spikeball, cornole and chippo golf. No extra cost to participate....


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AUTO Belay


Everest Club


Intro to the Rock


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Kimberly Gala

Kimberly Gala left a positive review 6/16/2019

My two kids came home yesterday after their first day of camp and said it was AWESOME!! They could not stop talking about all the activities they did, the great food they ate, and the wonderful camp counselors. After the parent orientation, I was very impressed with the program and facility. My son even said he would like to attend college at UCR (he is only 10 by the way). So glad we decided to come to UCR Camp Highlander.

mayra hernandez

mayra hernandez left a review 6/1/2019

There should be more organization with the check-in component. There wasn't much structure and as a student that was there with their loved ones on a very special day, it wasn't a great idea to have them standing in a stuffy space for a very long time. I suggest for there to be more volunteers at the check-in. Or even possibly start the ceremony ealier, so there doesn't have to be large amounts of time gaps in between.

kathy allen

kathy allen left a positive review 5/3/2019

It was awesome and well planned. Most of all, the instructors were very patient with the kids.


justindean left a positive review 3/12/2019

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Heidy Hernandez

Heidy Hernandez left a positive review 1/28/2019

The Self Defense class was interactive, productive, and fun! I really appreciated that the instructors and staff were genuine about helping us learn by creating a safe place to learn, ask any questions, or share personal stories. I recommend this class!

Dusan Stancic

Dusan Stancic left a positive review 12/6/2018

Great fun!

Nicole Rae Valencia

Nicole Rae Valencia left a positive review 10/22/2018

So important, and highly recommended!

Nashma Robles

Nashma Robles left a review 9/22/2018

I would have enjoyed it more if there was. more places to sit and there was better lighting on the movie.. it was dark and sometimes i couldn't see perfectly

Michael R Allen

Michael R Allen left a positive review 7/27/2018

Great refresher. Very personable and informative instructor. Went well beyond PADI requirements. Generated confidence in scuba skills.

Student Recreation Center (SRC)

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