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Community Garden Day

Join us for our annual Garden Day. This year’s theme is “Grow Natives” - blooms for you and nature too, including the why, what and where of using native...

10/26 8:30am
Camp Creative: A Gathering For Women

Join us our popular workshop, Camp Creative, a Gathering for Women with Spirit and Soul. This Osher program returns to UCR Palm Desert with an expanded day...

11/2 8:30am
Arts & Letters: Alex Espinoza

Arts & Letters is a free series that invites the community to spend time with today's most influential authors through interviews and personal readings....

11/4 6pm
Wild Coachella: Barney Scout Mann

Author, hiker, and outdoor advocate Barney Scout Mann will discuss his experiences hiking the PCT, a trail that runs 2,650 miles from Mexico to Canada, as...

11/6 6pm
Putting It Back Together - A Collage and Assemblage Show

Join us for the opening reception of our new art exhibition, "Putting It Back Together," a collage and assemblage show that examines things that are...

11/8 5pm

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Suzanne Thomas

Suzanne Thomas left a review 10/5/2019

I've enjoyed the UCR Lit Flick series this summer, but I'm regretful to report this was my least favorite movie shown. I hadn't seen it; and now I know why! Too bad the Gwenyth Paltrow version was not shown--my favorite--and it stayed fairly true to the novel. As always, really enjoyed Tod's moderation!!

Suzanne Thomas

Suzanne Thomas left a positive review 9/18/2019

Good to compare different versions, lively discussion & amusing adaptation of novel—although No Colin Firth! 😉

Suzanne Thomas

Suzanne Thomas left a positive review 8/14/2019

Great discussion & interesting movie to follow up reading of novel.

Suzanne Thomas

Suzanne Thomas left a positive review 7/10/2019

Thoroughly enjoyed the movie, the commentary and the evening out!

Daniel Kavuto

Daniel Kavuto left a negative review 4/17/2019

I was at this event yesterday and was shocked and appalled at the lack of balance and nuance with the speakers. They pained all of animal research, animal consumption, animal torture with one broad brush. Neither of them has ever performed animal research and they are from English and Gender studies respectively. Supposed they have benefited from advances in animal research but failed to mention any of that in their remarks. Osher and UCR should strive to put on more balanced events that inform the public instead of serving as an echo chamber to radical opinions that can harm crucial advances in science and health.

Gautier Muhire

Gautier Muhire left a positive review 1/25/2019

A beautiful reception with the great artists present at the gallery to explain their work. posted a photo 10/2/2018

Palm Desert Center

Palm Desert Center posted a photo 12/12/2017