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Carla James

Carla James left a positive review 5/22/2019

Excellent presentation, found the psychological safety component especially interesting and appreciated the personal and meaningful illustrations.

Christine Leapman

Christine Leapman left a positive review 4/13/2019

What a fantastic and exhilarating afternoon! Thank you to the UCR Orchestra, Media and Cultural Studies Department, TFDP, and the Gluck Fellows Program of the Arts for making this year's Esther Hays Family Concert a rousing success!!

Allexa Ortiz

Allexa Ortiz left a positive review 3/6/2019

Every performance was visually stunning and thought provoking; I really enjoyed the show.

Amy Conger

Amy Conger left a positive review 5/17/2018

Bruni was very thought provoking and constructive. He projected well. The mikes with which we heard questions from the audience weren't set up right and they consistently squealed. Apparently he couldn't understand those posing questions all the time and I just plain left. Is there such a thing as an "acoustic engineer"? Yes, I wear hearing aids. Did you notice the average age of the audience? That is also the age group most likely to be leaving you money.

earl w evans, Ph.D.

earl w evans, Ph.D. left a review 4/18/2018

I was not able to live stream the program. Is it possible to stream it now?

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